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Situated on a beautiful 10,500 sqm plot, Cuatre Finques is a unique, family owned Spanish-style finca which opened in May 2014 by Pep, Nicky and their baby girl, Isla. Creating Cuatre Finques was the making of a dream for the family for which they have worked so hard. Their vision was to create a beautiful place to relax, a home away from home with personal service, attention to every detail, where guests can enjoy tranquil real Spain in Pep's lovely home town of Xalo. 


Having travelled many parts of the world and stayed in countless hotels Nicky and Pep understand what makes a place to stay special.  Not just a nice room but striking a balance between style and service throughout the property - nothing being too much trouble, attention to detail with every aspect and having the time at the end of the day to sit back and enjoy a glass of wine with your guests.

Welcoming groups, couples, families and individuals to enjoy the tranquil environment of Cuatre Finques and the beautiful surroundings of the Xalo Valley.  Nicky and Pep have created an ambience that makes you unwind the moment you arrive and allows you to feel totally relaxed by the time you leave.


​"To define us is not easy! Our goal is not to be a Boutique Hotel, Casa Rural, or Bed and Breakfast.  Beyond the meaning of individual words - a rural retreat with friendliness that is familiar, but with professionalism, and an ambiance that makes you unwind the moment you arrive and allows you to feel totally relaxed by the time you leave".​

About Pep

Pep (36) grew up with his family in the local town of Xalo.  He speaks three languages fluently - English, Valenciano (the regional language) and Spanish. Pep has many strings to his bow and over the years has spent time working in England, in the Spanish Army and working in the family construction business.  Pep has a real love of nature and the outdoors whether its country walks, looking after his chickens & donkey, pruning his palms trees or paragliding off a mountain.  Pep is happiest when he is close to nature.  At the age of 18, Pep learnt to fly as early and is now a qualified tandem paragliding instructor (speak to Pep if you fancy flying too!).  Pep is also an excellent saxophone player and regularly plays with his band at Cuatre Finques.  It doesn't take much persuasion after dinner on a warm evening to break out his Sax and get people singing along!  

During 2013, Pep, his brother and their team built Cuatre Finques stone for stone and painstakingly landscaped the grounds to achieve what we have today.  Pep's next ambition is to get a goat as the next family pet!


About Nicky

Nicky (38) is from Edinburgh, Scotland, but has had a love of Spain since a young age.  Nicky studied a BSc in Meteorology and then worked for the Met Office (yes, the weather people) in an international climate role for 12 years.  But during her weekends and evenings she worked tirelessly on various property development projects focusing on one of her passions, interior design.  This allowed Nicky to develop her skills in this area of design uniquely combining modern clean lines with vintage finishes.

Working for a big organisation has its ups but usually more downs, but despite her love for the world of Meteorology, Nicky always knew she would leave her job to run a business of her own one day.  It has been a dream for what seems like forever, to move to Spain and open a little rural retreat and thankfully (but not without struggle!) it's finally happening.

Nicky loves to entertain and nothing makes her happier than to know her guests are happy and having a lovely time. 


How it all Came Together

Nicky's parents bought a holiday house in Denia (25 minutes from Xalo) in 1994 and then later sold it in 1999 to build a house in Xalo.  Nicky has been coming to this area of Spain for more than 20 years now and has a long-standing connection to the local town.  

During the summer of 2011 Pep & Nicky met in Xalo when Pep was playing his saxophone in a local bar. Almost instantly they both knew it was right.  It was a difficult couple of years living in separate countries going back and forth between the two for usually only a week or two at a time, but they knew it had to be done to ensure their future together. During this time Pep & Nicky spoke about building and opening a little hotel together and their plans started to move forward.  The couple looked at what seemed like hundreds of plots of land trying to meet their original 'spec' (close to Xalo, nice views, quiet area.....) and then finally found the perfect spot.  After battling with the complicated Spanish buying/selling system the land was finally Nicky & Pep's in October 2012.  Not wanting to waste anytime Nicky, Pep & Nicky's Dad, Iain, worked hard to come up with a design that was practical and elegant and of course meeting all the strict Spanish planning regulations.  With great relief planning permission was granted on 30th January 2013 and so building started the very next day.  During that time, however, Nicky discovered she was expecting their first child - due July 2013 - of course both were delighted but the pressure was then on to get the house built and 'liveable' so the three of them could make their home.  In May 2013 Nicky, at almost 7 months pregnant, left her job, family and friends in Scotland to move to Spain to finally live with Pep and start their family......... together. Pep and his brother worked so hard to build the house and Iain worked tirelessly making the gardens and despite the usual 'manana, manana' approach in Spain the finishings and final touches all came together to produce the long awaited dream :)  After just over a year of building, Nicky, Pep and Isla moved in on 7th February 2014 and on 1st May 2014 Cuatre Finques welcomed its very first guests. 

2014 to 2017 have been wonderful first seasons with over 2200 guests from 35 different countries.


About Isla

Pep and Nicky's first child, Isla, was born in Spain on 26th July 2013 and is now 5 years old.  Isla is already a core part of the family business, always welcoming guests with an irresistable little wave and a smile.  Isla is a happy and sociable little girl who already loves meeting new guests, music & dancing and the family pets.  She is currently busy dancing & acting at the local theatre and of course learning three languages with ease.  Isla was delighted to have her little brother born in June 2017 :)

About Arran

In October 2016 Pep and Nicky were delighted to discover they were expecting their second child.  Little Arran Josep was born in Spain, right in the middle of the fourth season, on 4th June 2017.  Although Nicky & Pep were a little anxious about bringing a new baby into the world mid-season, everything went very smoothly and Arran has just fitted in like he has always been there.  He's a very happy and loving little boy enjoying his new world at Cuatre Finques. 


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Cuatre Finques

Camino Mento, 7a, 

Xalo (Alicante)
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